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RUPIO este o aplicatie web cu ajutorul careia se implementeaza politicile de pricing ale companiei.


RUPIO   este un instrument operational de pricing, ce permite atingerea unor performante exceptionale in calcularea preturilor, fiind capabil sa calculeze sute de mii de preturi zilnic, in functie de regulile personalizate stabilite pentru fiecare categorie de produse (sau chiar individual), asigurand o prezenta versatila pe piata.

Preturile sunt calculate pe baza unor seturi de reguli ce pot fi definite in functie de obiectivul firmei (cota de piata /awareness /maximizarea profitului etc). Regulile de pret se pot aplica tinand cont de orice atribut al produsului.

Motorul de reguli permite implementarea mai multor strategii de pricing in functie de obiectiv, distinct pe fiecare categorie de produs.
Ca rezultat, RUPIO va ajuta sa castigati un avantaj competitiv semnificativ.

Key features Key features

Operational tool

* Multi tenant capable
* Matches your internal structure (Category hierachy / regions)
* Supports multiple pricing policies & strategies (Cost plus pricing, Price Flooring, competition based pricing);
* Hierarchical pricing rules aproach, for easy maintennance of the rules;
* Uses market seggregation (multiple meta attributes)
* Rule based pricing - uses state of the art, advanced rules engine; Rules are admninistrable at multiple levels, using UI
* Role based activities (admin  / supervisor / category manager) that accomodates your existing organizational infrastructure
* Advanced Security and Permission management
* Multi attribute, multi dimensional pricing -
* Powerfull filters to narrow down pricing execution
* Massive computing calculations (e.g. gracefully supports over 100 000 products in a multi store environment - over 100 stores)
* Adjustable workflows
* Automatic / schedulable actions
* Multiple price validation rules (threshold and rules based)
* Overwritable decisions (manual overwrite of prices on a easy to use interface)
* Powerfull, feature rich easy to use UI
* Web interface
* Export  /import from Excell
* Supports product bundling pricing
* Integrates with promotion management tools
* Promotion management capabilities

Analitical tool
* Embeds and integrates reporting and BI capabilities
* Offers in app charts and hystorical information to assist a better pricing decision

Predictive analysis
* estimate the impact of price changes

Price execution and management
* Operations are audited
* Automatic publishing tool (JMS / ESB / direct database access, flat files, etc)
* Export of prices
* Schedulable actions

Technical keyfacts
* Modern web architecture build in java
* Enterprise ready architecture (including: HA and cluster ready)
* Modular arhitecture  - separated modules on concerns, such as:
    Data integration  - ETL components
    Data export
    Rules Engine
    Reporting engine
* Scalable by design
* Your database of choice (supports Oracle Database, PostgreSQL or EnterpriseDB)
* Modern java frameworks used that allows single server deployment without huge hardware requirements


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