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Durata:           3zile
Pret:           600EUR

Curs - Database Fundamentals pentru programatori Curs - Database Fundamentals pentru programatori

The course is addressed to programmers, team leaders, senior developpers.

Too often we have seen in production relatively small aplications with (relative) small amount of date performing poor due to lack of fundamental database knowledge of the programming team, of the team leader. These knowledge cannot be repleced by database tools suggesting hints, as it might affect the way the application is designed. Too often we have seen developpers (and companies) relying on ORM frameworks and tools only! Often a mistake payed on next little bigger project...

Course outline:

1.Prepared statements

What they mean and how performance is gained
When to use and when to avoid
Stored procedures

2.Basic index facts

Index types and structures
Index minimization
When not use (and why full table scan is good)
Clustered index/IOT

3.Execution plan fundamentals

Access paths
Join algorithms
The importance of statistics
Bind variables


What are transactions
Transaction properties
Isolation levels and issues they avoid

5.Bulk insert

How to use it

6.Connection pooling


Ce ne diferentiaza Ce ne diferentiaza

» Mod de predare interactiv
» Studii de caz relevante
» La noi chiar invatati
» API-uri si framework-uri folosite
» Instructori cu experienta practica foarte mare
» La sediul nostru sau la sediul clientului

mai multe detalii...

Program cursuri Program cursuri

Cursurile eSolutions se vor desfasura dupa urmatorul calendar:

16 Sept - Spring Framework + Design patterns
26 Aug - Hibernate (curs privat)

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