AI- Driven Solutions for Retailers

Bucharest, Romania 09-06-2020
Discover technology solutions that solve challenges like: price automation, sales predictions, competition analysis, channel monitoring, during Marian Simpetru's talk, at the online event dedicated to retail industry - Virtualized.

Enable evolution

Custom software solutions

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We can always count on each other

We strive to always live up to industry challenges by writing reliable, high quality code and build software products that provide our partners with a competitive edge in their industries.


Expertise built on know-how and passion

Big Data & Cloud

Storage and processing solutions for petabyte scale quantities of data that provide actionable insight and unleash business potential

Project Lead & Architecture

Leading software projects to fruition by coordinating our customers' existing development teams

Education & Training

Business education and continuous training in key disciplines for employees and partners alike

Software Development

Software designed for integration with hardware devices that provide custom functionalities


Hardware and software minimum viable products for minimal resources proof-of-concepts



Better together

If you’re responsible, self-motivated and want to be part of a team that delivers software products meant to change the world, contact us – we’re always aiming to grow!